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Custom application development, existing application maintenance, software engineering leadership and software system design and architecture. Brendan is passionate about using his skills to solve problems and help people! Besides great problem solving and a well rounded skill set Brendan has specific experience in search and discovery, GIS, science applications, agile development and leadership.

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Brendan was a senior software engineer at Xilinx, an architect and senior software engineer at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), and a senior software engineer at the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). In July of 2016 Brendan started Billingsley Custom Software LLC.

Brendan lives in Boulder with his amazing wife and two children. When not at his desk you can often find him outside enjoying cycling, skiing, tennis, hiking and camping or inside reading a book, playing games or cooking.

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NSIDC Search

A search and discovery application for NSIDC datasets

Artic Data Explorer

A search and discovery application for diverse arctic data

GOES-R Control Segment

Apache Storm application to coordinate running of dozens of algorithms in parallel for a real-time data stream

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Water Column Sonar

Data extraction and delivery for water column sonar science data