These are some of the services we provide:
  • Custom Application Development:
    Create custom applications to solve your specific needs!
  • Extend Existing Applications:
    Enhance an existing application from large scale reimplementation to smaller feature additions.
  • Maintenance:
    Applications age, and as they do bugs will need to be fixed, security patches will need to be applied and new technologies will need to be incorporated. We can provide these and other maintenance services.
  • Prototyping and Architecture:
    Application and system architecture, prototyping, technology exploration and advising technology adoption.
  • Other:
    Get in touch! If we can do the job we'll let you know, and if we can't, there's a good chance we can give a reference to someone who can!


Each project is unique and will have a unique process. This is a generic process to use as a starting point.

  1. Free Consultation:
    The first step is to meet, preferably in person, to discuss your needs and our capabilities and find out if we're a good match.
  2. Scope:
    Next we'll need to form a vision for the project and define the goals, budget and timeline.
  3. Development:
    Now we'll start development. We believe that great communication creates great results; to that end we'll establish communication agreements for the project. Our desire is to provide full transparency into the development work and to have frequent updates. We have accomplished this for previous projects with these mechanisms:
    • An online board (usually trello) where the work and it's progress can be viewed at any time.
    • Frequent (daily if possible) updates to a staging version of the application that you can evaluate.
    • Weekly or more frequent meetings where we can look at the application and your feedback together.
    • Frequent status emails with updates on the development progress.
  4. Completion:
    When the project is ending we'll evaluate the results and make a plan for future maintenance.

2024 Rates

I charge a rate of $170/hour for my services.


We like to use the best tool for the job! These are some languages, tools, frameworks and libraries that we have used recently.

Apache Storm PostgreSQL Apache Solr Javascript Ruby Language Groovy Language NodeJS HTML 5 SASS: CSS with superpowers Ruby Sinatra React Stripe PayPal